Three of my works are shown in the exhibition: Esemplasticism, The Truth is a Compromise presented by TAG [the hague]: Our first exhibition in 2010 initiated and produced in cooperation with CTM (club transmediale) in Berlin. Participating artists are Edwin Deen, Daniël Dennis de Wit, Lucinda  Dayhew, Anke Eckardt, HC Gilje, Terence Haggerty, Yolande Harris,  Alexis O’Hara, Pascal Petzinger, Mike Rijnierse, Willem Marijs, Bram  Vreven, Katarina Zdjelar, Valentin Heun, Sagarika Sundaram and Gijs  Burgmeijer For more information see and Opening  Friday 29 January 2010  19:00 - 00:00  Location  SPA , Spandauerstrasse 2  10178 Berlin, Germany  Opening hours  During CTM festival  30 January - 7 February  15:00 - 22:00  After CTM festival 10 February - 27 February  Wednesday - Saturday  12:00 to 17:00