Group exhibition 'Use it Again' in Oranienbaum.
Mayor Uwe Zimmerman will open the exhibition at 4 p.m. on saturday 30 June.

Presenting 'Liquid Rainbow', 2011 and a new work from the 'Local Collection Series': collection 20120623-20120630 [Oranienbaum], 2012

'Use it Again' is the first exhibition organized by the Orangeman Foundation at the Ampelhaus in Oranienbaum (Germany).  In present-day art and design 're-use', 'recycling', 'cradle-to-cradle', 'transformation' and 'consumption' are common notions. Questions as to the necessity and finiteness of consuming, also in their relation to politics, religion and power, are at present a source of inspiration. 
The exhibition shows a wide range of objects and autonomous work of established names as well as surprising, unknown talents from the field of design and fine arts. All of them cope with this theme in widely diverse ways. Some work offers a practical solution for re-use, whereas other work raises questions.
This manifestation coincides with the big summer exhibition in the palace of Oranienbaum. For six months the palace will be the centre of contemporary Dutch design and fashion, combined with historical objects. The Ampelhaus is situated 200 metres from the palace.

Brauerstraße 33
06785 Oranienbaum [Germany]