CRAZYCURATORS AWARD 2010 was awarded to Dutch artist Edwin Deen for the installation Wunderkamer (Flatland) and Untitled. The project was curated by Radek Vá┼ła.   Edwin Deen is a recent graduate from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and as such his work represents a blow of fresh air. He can be seen as a sculptor, although his approach does not really fit in the tight boundaries of the discipline. He brings the cheapest products of our consumer driven culture, products we usually tend to pass by or ignore or feel uncomfortable when buying them.  This source material he combines with each other in order to create wondrous objects that are slightly pataphysical and surreal, sometimes also conceptually cool. With a reason his graduation installation was titled Terra incognita and his current set of tiny sculptural objects Wunderkamer. He searches the unknown, what physical or chemical transformations and interactions will do with the objects themselves and with our perception. This interplay is sometimes replaced by a mere confrontation with the same effect, a kind of ´what if´scenario followed by surprise. The used objects are endowed with new life in a very physical way – often one of them needs to be emptied or destroyed in order to let the other one go on. This neutralizing effect causes a surprise and the awareness of one not being possible without the other. Sometimes his work can have an intrinsic poetic  value as in his installation: only when a beam of light meets a hot steam cloud an image of a cold winter sunset landscape briefly appears in the space and gets burned in our retina.